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ANCWL outraged at 17 year old gang rape ordeal

ANCWL outraged at 17 year old gang rape ordeal

18 April 2012

No one, especially not a child should have to go through what a 17-year-old Soweto girl went through at the hands of a group of depraved boys, (some of them are old enough to be called men but donít deserve the dignity associated with the ideal). Words cannot describe the outrage, anger and disgust felt by the ANCWL regarding this incident where a mentally disabled child was gang raped and then the video footage of the sadistic incident distributed on the internet and via cell phones.

The ANCWL met with the MEC of safety and security, Cde Faith Mazibuko, and spent the day with police in Soweto while the search for the missing girl was on-going. We were extremely relieved when she was found alive and safe by police. We would like to commend the swift action taken by police in arresting the culprits and the dedication to finding the missing girl. She was found in the custody of a 37 year-old-man who claimed to be her boyfriend. This man claims the girl told him she was 19; however the womenís league believes this is no excuse for engaging in sexual activities with a mentally disabled child half his age. This man is the most vulgar kind of exploiter, he used this vulnerable child for his own perverse activities and only decided to hand her over when he knew police were in his neighbourhood and hot on his tail. This child is said to have the mental capacity of a five-year-old and is therefore not capable of consent, this man must face the full might of the law and be charged with rape.

This incident also raises questions about the society we are living in and the way boy children are being raised. Parents need to take responsibility for their children. The youngest suspect was just 14-years-old, parents need to instil morals and a strong sense of right and wrong in their children. When does it become acceptable amongst a group of peers to rape a girl and laugh about it? It just makes one sick to the stomach. It also brings attention to the technology available to young children, parents need to be the parents and check their childrenís phones regularly, and deal out suitable punishment when unsavoury content is found on the phones, so children know what they are doing is wrong and unacceptable. The ANCWL would like to commend the mother who did just that and brought the incident to the attention of the police after discovering the video clip on her sonís phone.

The suspects will be appearing in the Roodepoort court tomorrow and the Womenís League will be there to ensure justice is served. These suspects must all get the harshest punishment the law will allow, and the ANCWL will be there to monitor the case and ensure this poor, vulnerable child who was disgustingly exploited gets to see justice handed down to those responsible.

Issued By:
Troy Martens (on behalf of the ANCWL)
ANC Womenís League National Spokeswoman

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