ANCWL demand equal treatment for all

ANCWL demand equal treatment for all

21 February 2013

The ANCWL is calling for an explanation as to why Oscar Pistorious is getting special treatment by being allowed to stay in the Brooklyn Police Station holding cells as opposed to Central Prison or Newlock like all other awaiting trial or awaiting bail prisoners. If there is some special circumstance that permits this, authorities must share this with the public as they are setting a bad precedent. All should be treated equally before the law no matter your standing in society.

The ANCWL would like to register our dissatisfaction at this special treatment that Pistorious is getting and would like prosecutors to take this issue up. Unlike other alleged offenders who are in prison Pistorious`s family are permitted to visit him at all hours not just prescribed visiting hours as would be the case in prison.

If Pistorious is denied bail he must be moved to a proper prison facility with others accused of similar crimes. A strong message must be sent out that wealth and celebrity cannot give you an advantage over the law.

For Enquiries call Jacqui Mofokeng ANCWL GP spokesperson on 0795279270
Issued by Troy Martens ANCWL head of communications 0781209880