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The Freedom Charter

26 Jun 1955 The Freedom Charter [PDF]
26 Jun 1955 The Freedom Charter
26 Sep 1955 Article in Fighting Talk by W.M. Sisulu: Forward with the Freedom Charter
17 Nov 1957 Does The Freedom Charter mean Socialism?
26 Apr 1969 First National Consultative Conference: The Freedom Charter revolutionary programme of the ANC
30 Jun 1976 Drawing up the Demands of the Freedom Charter
30 Jun 1980 The Freedom Charter a beacon to the people of South Africa
24 May 1985 The Freedom Charter and the United Nations
30 Jun 1985 The Freedom Charter - Equal Rights and Freedoms
30 Jun 1985 Introduction to Selected Writings on the Freedom Charter - 1955-1985
26 Jun 1990 From the freedom charter to a Democratic South Africa on Freedom Day
24 Jun 2000 Freedom Charter Day, a milestone in the history of South Africa
26 Jun 2013 58th Anniversary of the adoption of the Freedom Charter
25 Jun 2014 The occasion of the 59th Anniversary of the Freedom Charter
21 Dec 2014 Year end statement - Advancing the ideals of The Freedom Charter
24 Jun 2015 60 years of the Freedom Charter Celebrations
26 Jun 2015 Address by President Jacob Zuma at the celebration of 60th Anniversary of the Freedom Charter, Kliptown, Johannesburg
17 Sep 2015 Speech delivered by Comrade Baleka Mbete at the Freedom Charter Forum
29 Sep 2015 Address by ANC Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa at Freedom Charter Forum
26 Jun 2016 Celebrating 61 years of the Freedom Charter: Our vision has never wavered and the successes are plain for all to see
26 Jun 2017 62nd Anniversary of the freedom Charter an opportunity to recommit ourselves to unity
26 Jun 2018 ANC statement on the 63rd anniversary of the Freedom Charter