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Author : Jackson Mthembu

Zille’s remarks are political jealousy

19 December 2012

Remarks made by DA leader, Helen Zille, about the re-election of Cde President Jacob Zuma are nothing but political jealousy inspired by malicious desperation to have the same support enjoyed by the ANC in this country.

The nature of remarks in her statement exposes Zille’s personal hatred of the ANC in her clumsy attempt to clamber the media attention given to the ANC Conference.

In essence, this statement attempts to undermine the right and responsibility of ANC members to elect leaders to any positions of the movement.

South Africans should regard her statement as acts of political despondency with no political content. Sadly, her statement is anchored on abundant false and wrong allegations against the President, the ANC and government.

From the conference, the ANC will implement resolutions to help us attend to the all the challenges faced by the organization and the country.

The depth of engagement in our commissions will produce political thinking that will pace and shape our country.

We don’t worry ourselves with whatever the DA and Helen say – we are more concerned about improving our performance, attending to challenges contesting our ability to deliver and lead society.

While she takes a political tarry of jealous proportions, the ANC continues with the business of conference, as matters being discussed are central in building better communities.

Issued by:
Jackson Mthembu
ANC National Spokersperson

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