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Author : Jackson Mthembu

The ANC statement on the ANCYL in Limpopo

17 November 2012

The African National Congress is disturbed by the oppositional stance of the ANCYL of Limpopo that has decided to adopt the argument and tone of the opposition parties in Parliament on an issue that is under investigation by two public entities (Auditor General and Public Protector)and the department of public works. In a statement attributed to spokesperson of the ANCYL in Limpopo, he has made the assertion that "The ANCYL... is psychologically threatened by the responses and emotional outlook by President Zuma in Parliament, when he claimed to have taken out a bond to finance the Nkandla... development". He further said he following "We are making a humble plea to all branches of the ANC to wake up and start closely monitoring the utterances of President Zuma, because... we are convinced that his incapability to lead the ANC... will be exposed by the man himself." This assertion flies against confidence displayed by ANC members in Parliament in the explanation given by President Zuma.

The ANC, including President Zuma, has registered its support that the matter on Inkandla expenditure be investigated with a view to provide clarity and finality on the numerous allegations. We therefore do not expect any of our structures to show contempt for the investigative processes

ANC structures must guard against adopting prejudiced and uninformed positions that will embarrass them when they are proven wrong. The attitude displayed by the ANCYL in Limpopo is not only divisive but also display lack of discipline and disregard for decisions taken by the ANC. It is our view that the national leadership of the ANCYL will address this unprecedented conduct.

Issued by:
Jackson Mthembu
ANC National Spokesperson
African National Congress

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