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Author : Jackson Mthembu

Statement on the intended invasion of Enkandla by the DA

2 November 2012

The African National Congress calls on the Democratic Alliance to abandon its plans to invade the private residence and homestead of President Zuma in eNkandla. We view this as unnecessary and unwarranted provocation with an intent to violate the privacy of the President, his family and the people of eNkandla. We fully agree with the statement released by our province in KwaZulu-Natal that this invasion is uncalled for. While we agree with the fact that there should be no go areas in South Africa for all political parties, it our held view that this applies in relation to elections campaigning and we strongly condemn unceremonious and arrogance of private residence invasion as intended by the DA in this instance.

The myopic opportunistic plan of the DA undermines the investigative work that has been undertaken by the Public Protector, the Auditor General and the Department of Public Works that seeks to clarify whether tax payer`s money was used wrongly in relation to the private residence and homestead of the President. We are of the view that the DA is not a substitute of the institutions that support democracy, created by our Constitution.

It is also strange why the DA is considering the invasion of eNkandla when they are represented in Parliament, a forum that has a right to call any government department including the Presidency and security agencies to account on any spending of the tax payers` money in line with existing legislation and regulations in an open and transparent manner. This is a demonstration that the DA has no faith in democratic institutions of governance and institutions that have been created to enhance accountability and transparency. The DA wiIl have itself to blame if there is a backlash following this intended action by its leadership. We reiterate our call on the DA not to proceed with the invasion which is the action of provocation.

The ANC welcomes all investigations that have been initiated to ensure the cloud and allegations of mischief created by the opposition parties are fully investigated and all facts confirmed. As the African National Congress we are fully aware that the President and his family built their residences and all the homestead structures paraded as if they were built by tax payers` money, a very unfair accusation on our President. We await anxiously the outcome of all investigations on security features added by government to the residence of President Zuma.

Issued by:
Jackson Mthembu
ANC National Spokesperson
African National Congress

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