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Author : John Dube

A Talk Upon My Native Land


I appeal to all Christians who may chance to read these pages, to aid in some way in this great work. "Truly the harvest is great, but the reapers are few." Millions of those for whom Christ died, are sitting in the darkness of sin and superstition, and almost crushed beneath the iron heel of heathen oppression. They are longing for something to satisfy the hunger of their famishing souls, but fail to find satisfaction in idols. No one points them to the only living and true God. Why an all wise Providence has allowed all these years to elapse before opening the way for the gospel in Africa, we may never know. God in His wisdom seems to have appointed this time and this generation for the accomplishment of this work. God has in the past raised up a few heroes, such as were Dr. Livingston, Robert Moffat and Bishop Hannington and others, who have gone forth into the dark continent and told to a people who are victims of heathenism, the story which was first told to the shepherds of Bethlehem Judah "Glory to God in the highest and on earth, peace, good will toward men." Wherever this story of Jesus and his love has been told, the curtain of darkness is lifting. May the soldiers of the Lord arise and press forward until all the kingdoms of this earth shall become the kingdoms of God and of this Christ. Every true Christian must sympathize with the cause of missions, and with the conversion of the heathen. It is not the business of Christians to speculate as to whether or not the heathen can be saved without the gospel, but it does concern every Christian to ask himself if he can reasonably expect to be saved himself if he refuses to obey Christ`s last injunction and send the gospel to them. As one has quaintly said, the time has come when the demand of Christian missions is to every Christian, the imperative demand of the highwayman, "Your money or your life."

Oh! how I long for that day, when the darkness and gloom shall have passed away, because the "Sun of Righteousness has risen with healing in His hand." This shall be the dawning of a brighter day for the people of Africa. Christianity will usher in a new civilization, and the "Dark Continent" will be transformed into a land of commerce and Christian institutions. Then shall Africa take her place as a nation among the nations: then shall her sons and daughters sing aloud: "Let us arise and shine, for our light has come. The glory of the Lord has risen upon us." May the day speedily come when "Ethiopia shall stretch out her hands unto God."

"Hail, O Africa, thy ransom!
Raise to heaven thy grateful song!
Last in rank among the nations, Thou shalt lead the choral throng, -
Land of promise!
Thy Redeemer`s praise prolong!"