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Author : Jackson Mthembu

The shooting in Nkaneng

13 May 2013

The African National Congress wishes to condemn in the harshest terms the recent shootings in Nkaneng Informal Settlement in Marikana in the North West Province.

Marikana cannot be allowed to deteriorate into a bastion of lawlessness and the African National Congress urges the law enforcement agencies to act determinedly and with urgency to bring those involved in these crimes to answer before the judicial system. The recent violent history of Marikana must not perpetuate an acceptance within the community that the South African criminal justice system will tolerate any anarchy as an accepted characteristic of any part of our country, including Marikana.

The African National Congress calls for restraint, including on media reports, as the spreading and publication of speculations and unproven theories on the cause of the violence may fuel further tensions within the area. The ANC further urges the people of Nkaneng to seek the restoration of peace and calm within their community and to cooperate with the South African Police Service in restoring lawfulness and order.

Regardless of who the perpetrators are and their motives, the South African Police Service must ensure that these criminal acts do not go unpunished by the criminal justice system and that order is restored to the area using the proper law enforcement tools at their disposal.

Issued by
Jackson Mthembu
National Spokesperson
African National Congress

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