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Author : Jackson Mthembu

Statement on the Mail and Guardian claims

28 March 2013

The ANC rejects with contempt the damaging and malicious claim by the Mail and Guardian that South African soldiers were sent to the Central African Republic to protect ANC business interest. We believe that this accusation is calculated to damage the image of the ANC and to sow distrust in noble decisions of the South African government that derive from public and transparent policies.

We want to put it on record that the ANC as an organisation does not have business interests in CAR. Secondly, the deployment of soldiers in CAR was a government decision deriving from our foreign policy and endorsed by both the African Union and the United Nations. The ridiculous accusations by the Mail and Guardian insinuate that the South African government, the African Union and the United Nations collectively conspired in the interest of the ANC and sacrificed South African soldiers.

What is most disturbing with the accusation are blatant lies that suggest that a company linked to the ANC has business interest in CAR. We have established that the said company has no business activity in CAR. While their accusation is false, we believe that South Africans have a right to do business anywhere in the world including the continent of Africa.

With these accusations, it is clear that the Mail and guardian has opted to play on the emotions of the public and undermine the price paid our soldiers in the interest of peace and stability in the continent. They are pissing on the graves of gallant fighters who put their lives on the line in service of our country and our continent.

Given the seriousness of this accusation, we will consider all options at our disposal including approaching the courts of law for recourse and to honour those who are fallen whose sacrifice has been rubbished by the Mail and Guardian.

The ANC calls on the public not to be misled and join in bowing our heads to mourn our heroes and extend our collective condolences to their families and loved ones. For us this is national tragedy that calls for all South Africans to reach to their families to give them support.

Issued by:
Jackson Mthembu
National Spokesperson

Keith Khoza 0828239672