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Author : Jackson Mthembu

Henke Pistorius` racist statement

5 March 2013

The African National Congress rejects with contempt the accusation made by Henke Pistorius (the father to Oscar Pistorius) to a UK newspaper that "the ANC government is not willing to protect white South Africans".

Not only is this statement devoid of truth, it is also racist. It is sad that he has chosen to politicise a tragic incident that is still fresh in the minds of those affected and the public.

This tragic incident has affected two families that are still trying to come to terms with what happened and this latest racist slur is not assisting these families. We think it is ill-advisable for anyone to start apportioning undue blame.

The ANC believes that the Pistorius and Steenkamp matter is in the capable hands of our competent courts who are expected to handle the matter objectively and in accordance with our laws. Any speculation can only prejudice the case.

We welcome the statement of the Pistorius family that distances Oscar and his family from the statement made by Henke Pistorius. The ANC believes that this is a difficult period that both families are going through.

We call on South Africans to desist from wild and prejudiced speculation. Let us give our courts a chance to deal with this matter.

Issue by:
Jackson Mthembu
National Spokesperson

African National Congress
Chief Albert Luthuli House
54 Sauer Street

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