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Author : Jackson Mthembu

ANC NWC statement following its meeting in Tlokwe

11 February 2013

The National Working Committee of the African National Congress held a two day meeting (10th - 11th February 2013) at the Council Chambers in Tlokwe, North West. This was a scheduled NWC meeting and it was also convened to meet with the Provincial Executive Committee of the ANC of the North West which is one of the two provinces that were identified as having challenges by the Nation Executive Committee of the ANC.

The NWC received a detailed briefing on the state of local government in the North West province. This included circumstances that led to disbanding of Kenneth Kaunda region, plans to hold a regional conference in Ngaka Modiri Molema to elect a new regional leadership and the removal of the ANC Mayor of Tlokwe who was replaced by the Democratic Alliance candidate. In addition to the report the ANC spoke all ANC councillors in Tlokwe.

All councillors apologized for their unbecoming behavior and expressed regret for having let down the organisation. A council meeting is scheduled on the 26th February 2013 to reinstate the ANC Mayor to correct the wrongs that were created by the ANC Councillors. We believe that this will go a long way to restore the confidence of the community in our Councillors.

Following this meeting, the NWC will be seized with investigating all the matters that were presented in the meetings regarding the removal of the ANC Mayor. It is expected that following the investigation a decision will be taken by the NWC based on the Constitution and policies of the ANC. The NWC will return to Tlokwe to conclude all these matters in the first week of March.

Issue by:
Jackson Mthembu
National Spokesperson
African National Congress

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