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Author : Jackson Mthembu

ANC statement on the Motsepe Foundation announcement

31 January 2013

The ANC salutes Patrice Motsepe for being the first South African and third person internationally (after Bill Gates and Warren Buffet) to share the proceeds of his hard earned business interests with the poor South Africans through the Motsepe Foundation. This unprecedented act of goodwill in South Africa gives expression to our view of patriotic bourgeoisie whose outlook reflects a deep understanding of development challenges and limitations facing South Africa and its people.

We believe that this gesture of philanthropy will assist many destitute South Africans to experience some relief that compliments government initiative through the social safety net that has been a policy instrument to mitigate poverty and indigency. We hope that this gesture of generousity will send a clear message to our corporate citizenry of responsive consciousness in building cohesion and collaborative development.

The ANC believes that business is an essential partner in development and in confronting socio-economic challenges like poverty and unemployment. Patrice Motsepe should be lauded for exemplary leadership that must be seen as reflecting new realism that must confront business in their social commitment to eradicating deep seated poverty that confronts under developed countries. His gesture is a true reflection of `Ubuntu` deriving from where Mr. and Mrs. Motsepe and their families come from.

Issue by:
Jackson Mthembu
National Spokesperson
African National Congress

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