Treasurer General

Current Treasurer General: Paul Mashatile

The current Treasurer General is Paul Mashatile. He was elected Treasurer General at the 54th National Conference in 2017. His term of office will expire in December 2022 when the 55th National Conference will elect a new Treasurer General.

The Treasurer General is the chief custodian of the funds and property of the ANC. He or she will:

1. Receive and bank all monies on behalf of the NEC and shall, together with any two members of the NEC, operate a banking account.
2. Keep such books of account as may be necessary to record clearly the financial position of the ANC.
3. Submit to the National Conference a report showing the Income and Expenditure Account and Balance Sheet of the ANC for the period since the previous National Conference, and shall submit periodic reports to the NEC and the NWC.
4. Be responsible, with the National Finance Committee, for working out and executing plans for fund raising.
5. Present to the National Conference and National General Council a comprehensive statement of the state of the finances of the ANC.
6. Be an ex-officio member of the NWC.