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Mahabane Zaccheus

Welcome to the personal page of
Zaccheus Richard Mahabane

By the late 1930's, when the ANC had declined to a new low under Pixley Seme's leadership, Mahabane was pressed back into service and from 1937 to 1940 was again president-general, this time when support for the Congress was gradually increasing.

Mahabane's political career spanned the years of crisis over the Hertzog Bills, and his views on the franchise issue reflected the complexity of the African dilemma. As the President of the Cape Congress and vice-president of the Cape Native Voters' Convection in the period before 1936, Mahabane took the public position that a separate voter's roll for the Africans would be acceptable if whites found the prospect of a common roll too menacing. Mahabane was a member of the 1936 All Africa Convection delegation that conferred with Prime Minster J. B. M Hertzog prior to the submission of the separate-roll compromise to Parliament. From 1937, while he was at the head of the ANC, Mahabane acted as vice-president of the ...

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