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Mantashe Gwede

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Gwede Samson Mantashe

Born: In the village of Lower Cala in the erstwhile Transkei, now Eastern Cape.

In summary: Husband, Father, Secretary General of the ANC, Member of the Central Committee of the SACP and a Trade Unionist.

Gwede Mantashe began his schooling in Cala and went on to his higher levels at Mantazima High School. He begun his activism in the then Student Christian Movement (SCM). At the time the SCM was pivotal in raising the consciousness of young people in the 1970s at the dawn of liberated Angola and Mozambique.

Mantashe received a B.Comm degree from the University of South Africa (UNISA) in 1997 and completed his B.Comm Honours degree in 2002. He also holds a Masters degree from the University of Witwatersrand (WITS), acquired in 2008.

He joined the migratory labour force to eke out a living in the mining industry. Beginning his mining experience at Western Deep Levels mine in 1975 as a Recreation Officer and, in the same year, moved to Prieska Copper Mines where he was Welfare...

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