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Mbeki Govan

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Govan Mbeki

Govan Mbeki was a warrior - a revolutionary, an educator, a publicist, organiser and leader of our people over many decades. A man who has brought with him the rare qualities of selflessness and utter devotion to the cause of the oppressed and exploited millions of our country.

Makings of a revolutionary

Govan Mbeki was born in the Transkei on 9 July 1910. He spent the better part of his early life in the Transkei and came to gain a first hand knowledge of the conditions and problems facing the majority of the small peasants in the area, a phenomenon which was to be found in most other parts of South Africa at the time.

From being one of the most important producers of grain and wool for export at the time of the discovery of gold and diamonds the Transkei at the turn of the century was gradually being reduced to critical dependence on the developing capitalist economy ushered in by the mining revolution. It was the intimate knowledge gained during this time that enabled him t...

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