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Ramaphosa Cyril

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Cyril Ramaphosa

Cyril Ramaphosa was born on 17 November 1952. He was elected Deputy President of the African National Congress at its 53rd National Conference in Mangaung, December 2012.

He grew up in Soweto, but matriculated, in 1971 at the Mphaphuli High School in Sibasa, Venda. In 1976 he was detained for a second time for six months. Subsequent to his release, he became a law clerk for a Johannesburg firm of attorneys and continued his studies through the University of South Africa, from where he obtained his B. Proc. Degree in 1981.

He was elected Secretary General of the African National Congress in 1991. He is widely respected as a skilful negotiator and strategist, he played a leading role as an ANC negotiator at CODESA.

He is also known for the role he played in building the National Union of Mineworkers up into biggest trade union in South Africa.

Following the first democratic elections in 1994, Ramaphosa became a member of parliament. He was elected chairperson of the Consti...

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