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30 Jun 1985 Introduction to Selected Writings on the Freedom Charter - 1955-1985
30 Jun 1985 The Freedom Charter - Equal Rights and Freedoms
16 Dec 1980 Govan Mbeki - Isithwalandwe
30 Jun 1980 The Freedom Charter a beacon to the people of South Africa
30 Jun 1980 Congress of the People - I was there
6 Mar 1980 Article by Oliver Tambo in World Marxist Review
2 Mar 1979 The Great Battle: The Story of African Resistance in 1879
30 Sep 1978 Mandela and our Revolution
30 Jun 1976 Drawing up the Demands of the Freedom Charter
30 Jun 1972 The Defiance Campaign Recalled
18 Sep 1971 Apartheid - A threat to Africa`s survival - Article by Oliver Tambo
17 Nov 1957 Does The Freedom Charter mean Socialism?
26 Sep 1955 Article in Fighting Talk by W.M. Sisulu: Forward with the Freedom Charter
Article in Liberation by W.M. Sisulu: The extension of the pass laws
This item by Oliver Tambo was published as the introduction to the book "No Easy Walk to Freedom" by Ruth First
In the Transkei, where famine rules, people fear the future by W.M. Sisulu
"Passive resistance in South Africa" by Olive Tambo
South Africa`s struggle for Democracy by W.M. Sisulu
Freedom in our Lifetime
The Regeneration of Africa
Article in Liberation by W.M. Sisulu - "Boycott as a Political Weapon"
Towards Democratic Unity by Nelson Mandela
How Congress began
Article by W.M. Sisulu - "Congress and the Africanists"
`We defy` - 10,000 volunteers protest against `unjust laws`
Native Union
Call to A. N. C. Ranks by Albert Luthuli
Pass Law Resisters, Native Case Stated - Report on interview with I Bud Mbelle, JW Dunjwa, and PJ Motsoakae of the ANNC
"What I think of Macmillan`s speech": Article by Albert Luthuli
"If I were Prime Minister": Article by Albert Luthuli