11 September 1998

Further Education and Training Bill

The Further Education and Training Bill is an integral and necessary part of the ANC led Government's programme of transforming the education system. The Bill will not only redress past imbalances, but will also address the challenges that arise from new problems that plague the education system. The Minister of Education is responsible for leading the transformation process in education - with this Bill he displays his ability to tackle this task and adds to an already vast pool of legislation that make up the parts of this vision. In response to 350 years of colonial, racist and gutter education the ANC bases its education policies on the principles of democracy, equality and cooperation.

Further Educating the Nation

The Further Education and Training Bill will:

Transforming Education

National Board for Further Education and Training

The Board, which is recognised by the Bill, will be established under the National Education Policy Act to advise the Minister on quality assurance and promotion.

How the Bill tackles our past

The Bill will:

The ANC Commitment