21 August 1998

National Environmental Management Bill

Under Apartheid the environment was considered secondary to development and making profits. The National Party Government was reckless, irresponsible and shortsighted in dealing with environmental development issues. The ANC Government believes that development must be sustainable in order to meet the needs of the people without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. The National Environmental Management Bill proves that the ANC is conscientious, responsible and pro-active in moving away from the perceived conflict between development and conservation. For the ANC, development means that economic progress and protecting our natural resources cannot be separated.

From Past to Present

What is Required for Sustainable Development?

Getting the Stakeholders Involved

Empowering the People

The National Environmental Management Bill is a framework for environmental management which empowers people. It provides a foundation for people to have a say in how their environment is managed and to participate effectively and benefit from it on an equal basis.

Future legislation will further strengthen the capacity the Government to ensure that our natural resources are managed in such a way that current and future generations benefit.

The Bill tackles the effects of the shortsighted planning, ill-considered management and exclusive participation under Apartheid with insight, understanding and focus. It recognises the right of people to be part of their environment, participate in the processes of their environment and be protected in the same way as their environment.

The Bill will reverse the effects of the NP's incompetent environmental management.