7 August 1998

ANC Introduces Legislation to Better the Lives of Women

Domestic Violence Bill

The ANC Government has a proven track record of combatting violence against women. It has complied with the Beijing Platform provisions, ratified the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Violence Against Women (CEDAW) and entrenched the rights of gender equality and freedom from violence in the Constitution.

The Justice Ministry, in a strategy document, made it clear that it wants a criminal justice policy that looks at the special needs of women and children. The Minister and Deputy Minister have started an ongoing public awareness campaign on preventing violence against women. The Domestic Violence Bill clearly spells out that violent behaviour against women and children will not be excused or tolerated.

Improving on the Prevention of Family Violence Act

Making life better for millions of South Africans

The ANC Government have always been committed to the protection of the citizens of this country from abuse and violence.

Women and children are the most vulnerable to violence and have little power to deal with domestic. The ANC believes that the Government has a special duty to protect them with.


The ANC-led Government is committed to giving high priority to the rights of children, their survival and their protection and development. It recognises the right of every child to a standard of living that is good his or her physical and mental, as well as spiritual, moral and social, development. It therefore regards the recovery of maintenance for children as a priority.

Reforming the Maintenance System

The Bill acknowledges that the existing laws and system of maintenance recovery is inadequate and fall short of international standards. This Bill is a first step in the reform of the entire system of maintenance collection.

The legislation will create for the first time in South Africa:

Making life better for millions of women and children