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Skweyiya, Rasool and Skwatsha on the process to unite ANC

17 October 2003

Today, a meeting chaired by Social Development Minister Zola Skweyiya, in his capacity as Convenor of the ANC National Executive Committee Sub-Committee for the Western Cape, between Western Cape members of the NEC and the Western Cape Officials of the ANC discussed the tensions which surfaced on the eve of the Provincial List Conference.

The meeting was characterised by open and honest discussions, and it is evident that there exists a unanimous commitment to uniting the ANC, and turning it into an effective machine to win the 2004 elections. For this to be realized, the ANC needs to ensure the involvement of all its cadres.

The meeting therefore found it deplorable that unnamed sources continue to feed a media frenzy which deepens the tensions and try to sow division where there are only differences.

There was complete unanimity in rejecting the attachment of labels to people who have done nothing, but serve the movement for freedom and transformation for their whole lives. Labels whether Africanist or Coloured Nationalist are hurtful to the individuals involved and the ANC as a whole.

Furthermore, the meeting found it most unfortunate that leaders of the ANC are being played off against each other for positions that have not yet been won and which is the sole prerogative of the President and the NEC.

The meeting also put in place a management plan towards the List Conference on 25th October 2003 with the sole purpose of ensuring unity at the conference.

This includes the participation of NEC members, avoiding mischief whether through the media or the lobbying process, and directing all media inquiries through the office of the Provincial Secretary.

The meeting ended confident that we would have a good process towards the List Conference, that the ANC will be mobilized for victory in 2004 and that the winds of transformation will be accelerated across the Western Cape.

For further enquiries contact:
ANC Provincial Secretary Mcebisi Skwatsha 082-829-7452, or
ANC Provincial Media Officer 082-570-9118.