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Latest economic stats call for partnership

26 May 2009

The latest GDP figures, released today (26 May 2009) by Statistics SA, highlight more than ever the need for all social partners to work together to ensure that the economy overcomes this difficult period.

The decline in GDP in the first quarter of 2009, following the contraction in the last quarter of 2008, is evidence of the impact of the global economic crisis on our country. It shows that the South African economy is not immune from international developments.

The performance of the South African economy highlights the need for all stakeholders to work together to ensure that we maintain the economic achievements of the last 15 years, and that we are in a position to accelerate growth and job creation as the global economy recovers.

Among other things, we need to focus on the implementation of the measures in the framework agreement reached between business, government and labour.

Despite the drop in growth, South Africa has fared better than many other countries. We need to hold our economic course, while taking steps to improve our economic position.

The ANC has received a clear mandate from the electorate to respond decisively to this global crisis. We are confident that the cabinet lekgotla currently underway will develop practical plans to implement this mandate.

The ANC government remains committed to the creation of decent work opportunities and sustainable livelihoods, and in creating an environment for more labour-intensive production methods that support local jobs and building public-private partnerships.

In the period ahead, the ANC will accelerate and expand its investment in public infrastructure. It will step up a massive programme on expanded public works linked to infrastructure and meeting social needs with home-based care, crèches, school cleaning and renovation, community gardens, removal of alien vegetation, tree planting and school feeding.

The ANC led government will ensure that the mandates of development finance institutions are clear and truly developmental and that their programmes contribute to decent work outcomes, achievement of our developmental needs and sustainable livelihoods.

Issued by:
Jessie Duarte
ANC National Spokesperson

Ishmael Mnisi 082 333 5550
Brian Sokutu 071 671 6899