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ANC will proceed with high court application on party name

20 November 2008

The African National Congress has received a letter from attorneys acting for a group calling itself `Congress of the People` indicating that the party will not comply with the ANC`s demand that it not use that name.

The ANC will therefore proceed with a High Court application seeking an urgent interdict to prevent the use of this name.

The ANC has no wish to interfere with anyone`s right of freedom of association.

We have undertaken this action to protect and preserve the history and political heritage of the ANC. The current leadership of the ANC believes it has a responsibility to history, and to future generations, to prevent the landmark Congress of the People of 1955 being used to advance other people`s political aspirations.

The Congress of the People was an historic event in the struggle for freedom, and is an integral part of the political identity of the ANC and its allies. It is our view that no other party should be allowed to appropriate this name for itself.

Issued by:
Jessie Duarte
African National Congress

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