ANC Centennial Celebrations 1912-2012
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ANC 100 Years of History
Introduction Origins of the ANC, and the freedom struggle in South Africa - 1860-1912 Era charactersied by peaceful petitioning for change - 1912-1949
Period of direct action, non violent resistance and protest - 1949-1961 From protest to challenge (era of armed resistance, exile and mass mobilisation - 1961-1990 From negotiations to governance - 1990-21012

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ANC Presidents 1912-2012

  • 1st - 31st
  • Profiling the ANC Centenary Commemorative Exhibition
  • Provincial programmes profiling the collective leadership of President Mbeki
  • Documentaries and Film Festivals, country-wide
  • SATMA awards
  • Provincial programme involving the President
  • 100 struggle poems are compiled in an anthology from invited artists.