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Parliament must act against Malema's incitement of violence

The Office of the ANC Chief Whip condemns in the strongest terms EFF leader Julius Malema's reckless utterances during an Al Jazeera interview, in which he agitated for violence and threatened to overthrow a democratically elected government through "a barrel of a gun."

Govt correct to go after properties stolen pre-1994

The ANC study group on Public Works endorses measures to pursue those who have stolen state properties at the dawn of democracy in 1994. The Department of Public Work's Operation Bring-Back programme aims to retrieve stolen state property.

NSFAS baseline funding rises by 47 percent in 2016

The ANC study group on higher education and training congratulates the department of higher education and training for increasing the baseline funding for the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) by a whopping 47.3% for 2016.

Local Procurement Policy Creating, Saving Jobs

The ANC parliamentary study group on trade and industry welcomes the announcements made by the minister of trade of industry in the national assembly today that are aimed at creating new jobs and also sustaining existing ones, especially in the manufacturing industry.

President's next Parliamentary Q&A Session scheduled for May

The Office of the ANC Chief Whip confirms that President Jacob Zuma will appear before the National Assembly on 17 May 2016 at 10:00 for the quarterly Oral Questions and Answer session with MPs. The scheduled session is the second this year. In terms of the Rules of the House, the President must appear before the National Assembly to respond to oral questions four times a year. The President has fulfilled this task, including regularly responding to written questions, without fail.


Alexandria ANC PCO donates rugby kit to school

The Parliamentary Constituency Office of the ANC in Alexandria has donated a rugby kit to Ukhanyo High School on Thursday 31st May 2012 at the school premises. The kit was presented by Brian Maloni who administers the activities of the Alexandria PCO.

Madiba fought for the liberation of all races

Mandela understood that racism and racially discriminatory practices degraded and dehumanised both the oppressed and the oppressors. Thus our national liberation struggle was waged for the liberation of all South Africans, both black and white. The struggle was not against white people. It was against the apartheid system.