Together we move South Africa forward

Together we move South Africa forward
Twenty years ago we began a journey to eradicate the legacy of apartheid. It has been 20 years of freedom and democracy. The lives of our people have vastly improved and South Africa is a much better place than it was before 1994.

Over the last five years, the ANC has worked together with all South Africans to do more to fight poverty and unemployment and reduce inequality. Despite the negative global economic situation, we have built on the social gains achieved since 1994. More of our people have been lifted out of extreme poverty; we have created more jobs than before; expanded social grants, housing and basic services to our people; and further improved access to better education and health care.

Yet the challenges facing our country are immense. Poverty, inequality and unemployment still affect the lives of many people. Corruption continues to erode our social fabric and undermine our development efforts. Our economy continues to feel the effects of the global economic slowdown.

South Africa has begun a new and far-reaching phase of its democratic transition. This calls for bold and decisive steps to place the economy on a qualitatively different path. The National Development Plan (NDP) aims to eradicate poverty, increase employment, create sustainable livelihoods and reduce inequality by 2030.

Over the next five years, the ANC will: